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Aaron D. L. Wylie and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Heterogeneous Ozonolysis of Tetrahydrocannabinol: Implications for Thirdhand Cannabis Smoke, Environmental Science & Technology, 14215-14223, 2021. September 5, 2021
Sarah R. Haines, Jeffrey A. Siegel, and Karen C. Dannemiller. Modeling microbial growth in carpet dust exposed to diurnal variations in relative humidity using the "Time-of-Wetness" framework, Indoor Air, 978-992, 2021. September 5, 2021
M. Kruza, G. McFiggans, M. S. Waring, J. R. Wells, and N. Carslaw. Indoor secondary organic aerosols: Towards an improved representation of their formation and composition in models, Atmospheric Environment, 117784, 2021. September 5, 2021
Christopher Y. Lim and Jonathan P. Abbatt. Chemical Composition, Spatial Homogeneity, and Growth of Indoor Surface Films, Environmental Science & Technology, 14372-14379, 2021. September 5, 2021
Ying Xu, Ruby Tandon, Chrislyn Ancheta, Pablo Arroyo, Jack A. Gilbert, Brent Stephens, and Scott T. Kelley. Quantitative profiling of built environment bacterial and fungal communities reveals dynamic material dependent growth patterns and microbial interactions, Indoor Air, 188-205, 2021. September 5, 2021
Yangdongling Liu, Ariana Gray Be, Victor W. Or, Michael R. Alves, Vicki H. Grassian, and Franz M. Geiger. Challenges and Opportunities in Molecular-Level Indoor Surface Chemistry and Physics, Cell Reports Physical Science, 100256, 2021. September 5, 2021
Stephanie H. Jones, Florian P. R. Hosse, Xiaoying Yang, and D. James Donaldson. Loss of NO(g) to painted surfaces and its re-emission with indoor illumination, Indoor Air, 566-573, 2021. September 5, 2021
Elianna S. Frank, Hanyu Fan, Mona Shrestha, Saleh Riahi, Douglas J. Tobias, and Vicki H. Grassian. Impact of Adsorbed Water on the Interaction of Limonene with Hydroxylated SiO2: Implications of pi-Hydrogen Bonding for Surfaces in Humid Environments, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 10592-10599, 2021. September 5, 2021
Antoine Depoorter, Carmen Kalalian, Corinne Emmelin, Chantal Lorentz, and Christian George. Indoor heterogeneous photochemistry of furfural drives emissions of nitrous acid, Indoor Air, 682-692, 2021. September 5, 2021