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William W. NazaroffEmbracing microbes in exposure science, Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, 1-10, 2019. February 16, 2019
Y. Liu, P. K. Misztal, J. Xiong, Y. Tian, C. Arata, W. W. Nazaroff, and A. H. Goldstein. Detailed investigation of ventilation rates and airflow patterns in a northern California residence, Indoor Air, 572-584, 2019. February 16, 2019
Nadja Heine, Caleb Arata, Allen H. Goldstein, Frances A. Houle, and Kevin R. Wilson. Multiphase Mechanism for the Production of Sulfuric Acid from SO2 by Criegee Intermediates Formed During the Heterogeneous Reaction of Ozone with Squalene, The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 3504-3510, 2019. February 16, 2019
S. Gligorovski and J. P. D. Abbatt. An indoor chemical cocktail., Science (Washington), 359, 632-633, 2019. February 16, 2019
Shouming Zhou, Jean C. Rivera-Rios, Frank N. Keutsch, and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Identification of organic hydroperoxides and peroxy acids using atmospheric pressure chemical ionization–tandem mass spectrometry (APCI-MS/MS): application to secondary organic aerosol, Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 11, 3081-3089, 2019. February 14, 2019
Shouming Zhou, Leo W. Y. Yeung, Matthew W. Forbes, Scott Mabury, and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Epoxide formation from heterogeneous oxidation of benzo[a]pyrene with gas-phase ozone and indoor air, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 1292-1299, 2019. February 14, 2019
María Antiñolo, Megan D. Willis, Shouming Zhou, and Jonathan P. D. Abbatt. Connecting the oxidation of soot to its redox cycling abilities, Nature Communications, 6, 6812, 2019. February 7, 2019
Yuan Fang, Pascale S. J. Lakey, Saleh Riahi, Andrew T. McDonald, Mona Shrestha, Douglas J. Tobias, Manabu Shiraiwa, and Vicki H. Grassian. A molecular picture of surface interactions of organic compounds on prevalent indoor surfaces: limonene adsorption on SiO 2, Chemical Science, 2019. January 31, 2019
Yuan Fang, Dominika Lesnicki, Kristin J. Wall, Marie-Pierre Gaigeot, Marialore Sulpizi, Veronica Vaida, and Vicki H. Grassian. Heterogeneous Interactions between Gas-Phase Pyruvic Acid and Hydroxylated Silica Surfaces: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, J. Phys. Chem. A, 2019. January 31, 2019