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Ying Li and Manabu Shiraiwa. Timescales of secondary organic aerosols to reach equilibrium at various temperatures and relative humidities, Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 19, 5959-5971, 2019. May 30, 2019
Pascale S. J. Lakey, Glenn C. Morrison, Youngbo Won, Krista M. Parry, Michael von Domaros, Douglas J. Tobias, Donghyun Rim, and Manabu Shiraiwa. The impact of clothing on ozone and squalene ozonolysis products in indoor environments, Communications Chemistry, 2, 56, 2019. May 30, 2019
Neil E. Klepeis, William C. Nelson, Wayne R. Ott, John P. Robinson, Andy M. Tsang, Paul Switzer, Joseph V. Behar, Stephen C. Hern, and William H. Engelmann. The National Human Activity Pattern Survey (NHAPS): a resource for assessing exposure to environmental pollutants, Journal of Exposure Science & Environmental Epidemiology, 11, 231, 2019. May 29, 2019
Mauro Scungio, Tania Vitanza, Luca Stabile, Giorgio Buonanno, and Lidia Morawska. Characterization of particle emission from laser printers, Science of The Total Environment, 623-630, 2019. May 29, 2019
Jin Zhou, Ailu Chen, Qingliang Cao, Bin Yang, Victor W. -C. Chang, and William W Nazaroff. Particle exposure during the 2013 haze in Singapore: Importance of the built environment, Building and Environment, 14-23, 2019. May 29, 2019
Man-Pun Wan, Chi-Li Wu, Gin-Nam Sze To, Tsz-Chun Chan, and Christopher Y. H. Chao. Ultrafine particles, and PM2.5 generated from cooking in homes, Atmospheric Environment, 6141-6148, 2019. May 29, 2019
Prabjit K. Barn, Catherine T. Elliott, Ryan W. Allen, Tom Kosatsky, Karen Rideout, and Sarah B. Henderson. Portable air cleaners should be at the forefront of the public health response to landscape fire smoke, Environmental Health, 116, 2019. May 29, 2019
T. Schripp, D. Markewitz, E. Uhde, and T. Salthammer. Does e-cigarette consumption cause passive vaping?, Indoor Air, 23, 25-31, 2019. May 29, 2019
Peter F. DeCarlo, Anita M. Avery, and Michael S. Waring. Thirdhand smoke uptake to aerosol particles in the indoor environment, Science Advances, 4, eaap8368, 2019. May 29, 2019