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James Michael Mattila, Pascale Sylvie Jeanne Lakey, Manabu Shiraiwa, Chen Wang, Jonathan P.D. Abbatt, Caleb Arata, Allen H. Goldstein, Laura Ampollini, Erin F. Katz, Peter DeCarlo, Shan Zhou, Tara F Kahan, Felipe J. Cardoso Saldaña, Lea Hildebrandt Ruiz, Andrew Abeleira, Erin K. Boedicker, Marina Eller Vance, and Delphine K. Farmer. Multiphase chemistry controls inorganic chlorinated and nitrogenated compounds in indoor air during bleach cleaning, Environmental Science & Technology, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2020. January 21, 2020
Jason D. Surratt, Shane M. Murphy, Jesse H. Kroll, Nga L. Ng, Lea Hildebrandt, Armin Sorooshian, Rafal Szmigielski, Reinhilde Vermeylen, Willy Maenhaut, Magda Claeys, Richard C. Flagan, and John H. Seinfeld. Chemical Composition of Secondary Organic Aerosol Formed from the Photooxidation of Isoprene, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 9665-9690, 2019. December 3, 2019
Becky HamIndoor chemical pollution impacts often remain invisible, Science, 366, 1084-1085, 2019. November 30, 2019
Heather Schwartz-Narbonne and D. James Donaldson. Water uptake by indoor surface films, Scientific Reports, 9, 1-10, 2019. November 30, 2019
Michael R. Alves, Yuan Fang, Kristin J. Wall, Veronica Vaida, and Vicki H. Grassian. Chemistry and Photochemistry of Pyruvic Acid Adsorbed on Oxide Surfaces, The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 7661-7671, 2019. November 22, 2019
Mengjia Tang, Ningling Zhu, Kerry Kinney, and Atila Novoselac. Transport of indoor aerosols to hidden interior spaces, Aerosol Science and Technology, 1-17, 2019. November 18, 2019
Jonathan P. D. Abbatt and Chen Wang. The atmospheric chemistry of indoor environments, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, Environ. Sci.: Processes Impacts, 2019. November 12, 2019
Derek J. Price, Douglas A. Day, Demetrios Pagonis, Harald Stark, Lucas B. Algrim, Anne V. Handschy, Shang Liu, Jordan E. Krechmer, Shelly Lynn Miller, James Freeman Hunter, Joost A. de Gouw, Paul J. Ziemann, and Jose L. Jimenez. The budgets of organic carbon composition and oxidation in indoor air, Environmental Science & Technology, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2019. November 1, 2019
Zilin Zhou, Shouming Zhou, and Jonathan Abbatt. Kinetics and Condensed-phase Products in Multiphase Ozonolysis of an Unsaturated Triglyceride, Environmental Science & Technology, Environ. Sci. Technol., 2019. October 16, 2019