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Title Date Added
Cong Liu, Bin Zhao, and Yinping Zhang. The influence of aerosol dynamics on indoor exposure to airborne DEHP, Atmospheric Environment, 1952-1959, 2019. May 29, 2019
Peggy L Jenkins, Thomas J Phillips, Elliot J Mulberg, and Steve P Hui. Activity patterns of Californians: Use of and proximity to indoor pollutant sources, Atmospheric Environment. Part A. General Topics, 2141-2148, 2019. May 29, 2019
A. M. Johnson, M. S. Waring, and P. F. DeCarlo. Real-time transformation of outdoor aerosol components upon transport indoors measured with aerosol mass spectrometry, Indoor Air, 27, 230-240, 2019. May 29, 2019
A. Persily, A. Musser, and S. J. Emmerich. Modeled infiltration rate distributions for U.S. housing, Indoor Air, 20, 473-485, 2019. May 29, 2019
Chun Chen, Bin Zhao, and Charles J. Weschler. Indoor Exposure to ‘Outdoor PM₁₀": Assessing Its Influence on the Relationship Between PM₁₀ and Short-term Mortality in U.S. Cities, Epidemiology, 23, 870-878, 2019. May 29, 2019
Hsu-Chi Yeh, Richard G. Cuddihy, Robert F. Phalen, and I.-Yiin Chang. Comparisons of Calculated Respiratory Tract Deposition of Particles Based on the Proposed NCRP Model and the New ICRP66 Model, Aerosol Science and Technology, 25, 134-140, 2019. May 29, 2019
Philip M. Fine, Si Shen, and Constantinos Sioutas. Inferring the Sources of Fine and Ultrafine Particulate Matter at Downwind Receptor Sites in the Los Angeles Basin Using Multiple Continuous Measurements Special Issue of Aerosol Science and Technology on Findings from the Fine Particulate Matter Supersites Program, Aerosol Science and Technology, 182-195, 2019. May 29, 2019
Andrew K. Persily, Josh Gorfain, and Greg Brunner. Survey of ventilation rates in office buildings, Building Research & Information, 34, 459-466, 2019. May 29, 2019
Gabriel Bekö, Birthe Uldahl Kjeldsen, Yulia Olsen, Jasper Schipperijn, Aneta Wierzbicka, Dorina Gabriela Karottki, Jørn Toftum, Steffen Loft, and Geo Clausen. Contribution of various microenvironments to the daily personal exposure to ultrafine particles: Personal monitoring coupled with GPS tracking, Atmospheric Environment, 122-129, 2019. May 29, 2019