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A New Community Model for Indoor Air Chemistry: COMODIAC

This project aims to provide the Chemistry of Indoor Environment (CIE) program and the wider indoor air quality community, with an open source model that will allow them to explore indoor air chemistry processes in detail.

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Principle Investigator: Nicola Carslaw

Year Awarded: 2018

Institution: University of York

MOdelling Consortium for Chemistry of Indoor Environments (MOCCIE)

The modelling consortium is a 2-year project that brings together modelling experts from different fields to develop comprehensive, integrated physical-chemical models that include a realistic representation of gas-phase and surface chemistry in indoor environments and how occupants, indoor activities and building conditions influence indoor processes.

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Principle Investigators: Manabu Shiraiwa and Nicola Carslaw

Year Awarded: 2017

Institution: University of California at Irvine

Lab and Field Studies of Sources, Sinks, and Chemical Transformations Indoors

What are the sources, sinks, and chemical transformations that determine the composition of organic chemicals in indoor environments, and can we describe these processes at the molecular level? In the course of answering this question, we hope to develop a deeper understanding of how different indoor environments function.

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Principle Investigators: Jose-Luis Jiminez, Paul J. Ziemann, and Shelly Miller

Year Awarded: 2016

Institution: University of Colorado at Boulder

Abundance, Sources, and Fates of Organic Chemicals in Residential Environments

We seek to characterize and quantify VOCs and SVOCs indoors and to understand the dynamic processes that influence their concentrations. Do these indoor chemicals originate from outdoor air, human activity, microbial activity, or from building materials? How do these chemical species change in a dynamic indoor environment, where temperature, humidity, and air exchange with outdoors can rapidly change?

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Principle Investigators: Allen H. Goldstein and William W. Nazaroff

Year Awarded: 2016

Institution: University of California at Berkeley

HOMEChem: House Observations of Microbial and Environmental Chemistry

We have chosen a set of experiments that focus on the two most common everyday activities to the air chemistry of indoor environments: cooking and cleaning. These activities are (1) realistic representations of activities performed in indoor environments and (2) likely to drive interesting chemical reactions that can be better understood through this study.

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Principle Investigators: Delphine Farmer and Marina Vance

Year Awarded: 2017

Institutions: Colorado State University and University of Colorado at Boulder