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Indoor Particulate Matter And How to Limit Your Exposure

By Julia Bakker-Arkema and Marina Vance. This video was entered in the 2019 AAAR conference video competition and won 1st prize! Congratulations to Julia and Nina. We see and experience particulate matter, or aerosol particles, all around us. Aerosol particles make up the smog we see on our morning commutes, the trails of smoke that rise […]

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The CIE Guide to Indoor Air 2018

Indoor Air 2018 will be taking place July 22 – July 27 in Philadelphia, PA. The conference features many talks and sessions relevant to the Chemistry of Indoor Environments (CIE) Program, as well as a number of presentations by CIE grantees. Some speakers and sessions are highlighted below. You can also subscribe to the Indoor Air 2018 (CIE Guide) Google Calendar, or browse the full conference program. We look forward to seeing you there!

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