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Bleach cleaning: indoor emissions, chemistry, and impacts on air quality

By Jimmy Mattila, a graduate student in the Farmer Group at Colorado State University (Twitter: @JimmyMattila)   Bleach, an aqueous solution consisting of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and other oxidizers/surfactants, is a commonly used cleaning product in household and workplace environments. The efficacy of bleach stems from its potent antimicrobial and oxidizing properties. Bleach cleaning emits […]

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Home Diagnosis brings HOMEChem to Public Television: Showcasing the research findings of the Sloan Foundation’s HOMEChem experiment and Chemistry of Indoor Environments

By Grace Lunsford HOMEChem will soon be making its national broadcast debut in Season Two of Home Diagnosis in 2020. Hosted by Grace and Corbett Lunsford of the Youtube Channel “Home Performance”, they helped tell the story through dozens of videos made at the HOMEChem/UT Test house in 2018. “We are so excited to have […]

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Indoor Ammonia: It’s all about that base

Since ammonia concentrations are much higher indoors than outdoors, there must be indoor sources which emit ammonia. We know that ammonia is emitted from cleaning products, building materials, tobacco smoke, cooking activities, and humans (through exhaled breath and sweat).

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