This blog post was written by Rachel O’Brien, Assistant Professor at William & Mary (profile, twitter).

The American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) is holding its 37th annual conference on October 14-18th at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland Oregon. Grantees from the Chemistry of Indoor Environments program will be presenting results in multiple platform and poster sessions. In addition, there will be a Sloan-sponsored symposium on “The air we breathe: indoor aerosol sources and chemistry” which will feature four platform sessions and one poster session taking place all day on Thursday and Friday, October 17th and 18th. The program for the sessions is outlined below:

Platform session 1: 10IS Symposium, Room B 110-112 (Thursday Oct 17, 1:45-3:00 pm).

Speaker Institution Title
Jim Smith UC Irvine Indoor New Particle Formation: An “Outsider’s” Perspective
Tianren Wu Purdue University Indoor Measurements of Nanocluster Aerosols and New Particle Formation
Rachel I. Adams UC Berkeley Environmental Microbes and Ambient Moisture: How Microbes Contribute to the Chemistry of Our Homes
Sima Asadi UC Davis Aerosol Particles from Human Speech as a Possible Vector for Airborne Infectious Disease Transmission
Ruikang He Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey Resuspension of Particles Deposited from Consumer Nanosprays: The Effect of Surface Type, Resuspending Force, and Sampling Height

Platform session 2: 11IS Symposium, Room B 110-112 (Thursday Oct 17, 3:30-5:00 pm).

Speaker Institution Title
Anita Avery Drexel University Secondary Aerosol Mass Contributions from Human Occupants in a Classroom
Justin Dingle University of Toronto Post-Wildfire Assessment of Indoor Dust Composition in Canadian Homes
Shelly Miller University of Colorado Boulder The CHEER Study: It’s a Complicated Association between Home Infiltration Rates and Respiratory Health
Peter DeCarlo Drexel University Outside-In and Other Sources of Aerosols in the Indoor Environment
Erin Boedicker Colorado State University Spatial Distribution of Indoor Aerosol during HOMEChem Cooking Events
Sameer Patel University of Colorado Boulder Insights on Aerosol Emissions during HOMEChem

Platform session 3: 12IS Symposium, Room B 110-112 (Friday Oct 18, 9:45-11:00 am).

Speaker Institution Title
Manabu Shiraiwa UC Irvine Modeling Indoor Surface Chemistry Using Kinetic Multilayer Models
Kevin Wilson Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Multiphase Reaction Mechanisms of Criegee Intermediates in Indoor Environments
Christopher Lim University of Toronto Formation of Isocyanic Acid from the Heterogeneous Ozonolysis of Tobacco Smoke Deposited onto Indoor Surfaces
Man Nin Chan The Chinese University of Hong Kong Change in Reactivity of Organic Aerosols toward Heterogeneous OH Oxidation over Reaction Time
Benjamin Deming University of Colorado Methods for the Quantification and Identification of Alkenes on Indoor Surfaces

Platform session 4: 13IS Symposium, Room B 110-112 (Friday Oct 18, 11:15-12:30 pm).

Speaker Institution Title
Jon Abbatt University of Toronto Dynamic Equilibria of Volatile Chemicals between Indoor Surfaces and Indoor Air
Michael Waring Drexel University Dynamic Equilibria of Volatile Chemicals between Indoor Surfaces and Indoor Air
Claire Fortenberry Washington University in St. Louis Investigation of Natural Ventilation and Household Activities during the Air Composition and Reactivity from Outdoor aNd Indoor Mixing (ACRONIM) Field Campaign
David Lunderberg UC Berkeley Indoor Abundance of Semivolatile Organic Compounds under Dynamic Aerosol Conditions
Catherine Masoud UT Austin Molecular Composition and Gas-Particle Partitioning of Indoor Cooking Aerosol: Insights from a FIGAERO-CIMS

The Symposium also features a poster session:

Poster Session: 9IS Symposium, Exhibit Hall A (Thursday Oct 17, 12:15-1:45 pm).

A list of the posters in the session is provided below:

9IS.1   Dynamics of Volatile Organic Compounds in a Living Laboratory Office and HVAC System. TIANREN WU, Danielle Wagner, Jinglin Jiang, Philip Stevens, Heinz Huber, Antonios Tasoglou, Brandon E. Boor, Purdue University
9IS.2   Identification and Quantification of Personal Care Product Emissions Indoors during Exercise by GC-Vocus PTR-ToF. ZACHARY FINEWAX, Megan Claflin, Demetrios Pagonis, Andrew Jensen, Olivia Jenks, Brian Lerner, Shelly Miller, Jose-Luis Jimenez, Paul Ziemann, Joost de Gouw, University of Colorado
9IS.3   Seasonal and Regional Variations of Indoor Organic Aerosol Water Content, Phase State, and Temperature-Based Partitioning. BRYAN CUMMINGS, Manabu Shiraiwa, Peter DeCarlo, Michael Waring, Drexel University
9IS.4   Chemical Properties of Indoor Organic Aerosols. Hannah Przelomski, Erin Katz, Peter DeCarlo, RACHEL O’BRIEN, College of William and Mary
9IS.5   Phthalate Hydrolysis and Indoor Air Chemistry. DO YOUNG MAENG, V. Faye McNeill, Columbia University
9IS.6   Using Aerosol Principles to Advance Exposure Science: The Effect of Humidity on the Uptake of Water-Soluble Gases on Authentic Indoor Surfaces. MARC WEBB, Liyong Cui, Joanna Atkin, Glenn Morrison, Jason Surratt, Barbara Turpin, UNC-Chapel Hill
9IS.7   Modeling Water Uptake by Dust in Residential Environments. David Kormos, Karen C. Dannemiller, ANDREW MAY, The Ohio State University
9IS.8   Biological Particle Resuspension from Simulated Children’s Walking. Lu Zhang, Xinyue Li, Ting Zhang, MAOSHENG YAO, Peking Universirty
9IS.9   Indoor and Outdoor Levels of Traffic-Related Air Pollution and Effectiveness of Remediation Measures in a Near-Freeway School. AURELIE LAGUERRE, Pradeep Ramasubramanian, Matthew Survilo, Megan Duenas, Naveen Weerasekera, Linda George, Elliott Gall, Portland State University
9IS.10   Ultrafine Particle Emission Interactions with Multiple Fused-Deposition Modeling (FDM) 3D Printing in Chamber Environments. Nahin Ferdousi, JOSEPH WOO, Lafayette College
9IS.11   Surface Extractor for Deposited Indoor Aerosol. HANNAH PRZELOMSKI, Rachel O’Brien, College of William and Mary
9IS.12   Aqueous Phase Chemistry on Indoor Surfaces. MADELINE COOKE, Andrew Ault, University of Michigan
9IS.13   Dynamics of Ozone Reactivity for Different Indoor Surfaces Driven by Diurnal Ozone Exposure. MICHAEL WADE, Atila Novoselac, Richard Corsi, The University of Texas at Austin
9IS.14   Are Indoor Surfaces and Aerosols Dropping Acid or Dropping the Base? Insights into Water Films and pH for Model and Authentic Indoor Samples. ANDREW AULT, Madeline Cooke, University of Michigan
9IS.15   Spatiotemporal Trends in Concentrations of Ozone and Ozone-Skin Oil Oxidation Products in an Occupied Office and HVAC System. JINGLIN JIANG, Tianren Wu, Danielle Wagner, Philip Stevens, Heinz Huber, Antonios Tasoglou, Brandon E. Boor, Purdue University
9IS.16   Real Time Observations of Indoor Third Hand Smoke Emissions Transported into Non-smoking Environments via Humans. ROGER SHEU, Jenna Ditto, Christof Stönner, Thomas Klüpfel, Jonathan Williams, Drew Gentner, Yale University
9IS.17   Characteristics of Secondhand Marijuana Smoke: PM2.5 Calibration Factors and Emission Strengths. TONGKE ZHAO, Kai-Chung Cheng, Wayne Ott, Lance Wallace, Lynn M. Hildemann, Stanford University
9IS.18   Heterogeneous Ozonolysis of THC and Nicotine. AARON WYLIE, Christopher Lim, Jonathan Abbatt, University of Toronto, Canada
9IS.19   Characterizing Emissions from Heating Simulated Cannabis Extracts. XIAOCHEN TANG, Lucia Cancelada, Marion Russell, Marta Litter, Lara Gundel, Hugo Destaillats, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
9IS.20   Volatilization and Partitioning of Residual Electronic Cigarette Vapor to Aerosols. HENRY COLBY, Erin Katz, Anita Avery, Peter DeCarlo, Drexel University
9IS.21   Can You Breathe Me Now? Effect of Wood Stove Exchange Programs on IAQ. MATTHEW SURVILO, Aurelie Laguerre, Everett Stilley, Elliott Gall, Portland State University
9IS.22   Observations of Semi-volatile Siloxane Partitioning to Airborne Particles during Oven Use at Homechem. ERIN KATZ, David Lunderberg, William Nazaroff, Allen Goldstein, Peter DeCarlo, Drexel University
9IS.23   An Overview of Aerosol Sources and Chemistry from the Homechem Field Campaign. ERIN KATZ, Peter DeCarlo, Atila Novoselac, Jose-Luis Jimenez, Wyatt Brown, Rachel O’Brien, Delphine K. Farmer, Marina Vance, Drexel University
9IS.24   Indoor Particle Transformation Processes Due to Candle Burning. Su-Gwang Jeong, Lance Wallace, DONGHYUN RIM, Pennsylvania State University