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Indoor Chemistry: An Emerging Science

In a modest ranch house on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, Shan Zhou prepares a basic stir fry recipe. She heats oil to a smoking hot temperature and then stirs in vegetables, which sear in the oil and send up a plume of steam. She pours in packaged stir fry sauce, which sizzles in the wok. Shan wasn’t cooking lunch. She is a researcher for a sophisticated, first-of-its-kind field study of pollutants in indoor air.

Date Published: June 29, 2018

Publication: National Press Foundation

Author: Sandy K. Johnson

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Household Chemicals – University of Texas Study House

Inside of the UTest House in Austin, Texas catching up with Corbett Lunsford.

Date Published: June 26, 2018

Publication: Risinger Goes Rogue

Author: Matt Risinger

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Something’s in Our Air

Scientists from 13 different universities in the U.S. and Canada have descended upon a small house at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus and have brought with them the most sophisticated air pollution measurement equipment on earth to study indoor air quality as part of a major research effort known as HOMEChem

Date Published: June 25, 2018

Publication: Medium

Author: Richard Corsi

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Healthy Indoors – Live from HOMEchem in Austin, TX

AUSTIN– Healthy Indoors Magazine will be in Austin, TX for the HOMEChem open house event on on June 22, 2018.

Date Published: June 22, 2018

Publication: Healthy Indoors Magazine

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What stinks in here? CU researchers to study indoor air quality

“There has never been a study with the breadth of instrumentation that HOMEChem has for looking at the indoor environment,” said Wyatt Brown, a PhD candidate working on project.

Date Published: June 21, 2018

Publication: Denver Business Journal

Author: Ben Miller

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IU scientists participate in monthlong experiment to study indoor air pollution

Operating from a tiny trailer adjacent to the test house, the IU scientists are measuring concentrations of chemical oxidants, including ozone and the hydroxyl radical, a highly reactive and short-lived compound that plays a key role in air pollution.

Date Published: June 19, 2018

Publication: News at IU Bloomington

Author: Steve Hinnefeld

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Nation’s Largest Indoor Air Quality Experiment

This summer, a fleet of experts from CIRES/University of Colorado Boulder, University of Texas, and more have set up trailers around a house testing facility, equipped with a slew of sophisticated instruments. The team will replicate household activities like cleaning with bleach, spritzing hairspray, even gathering a dozen people to cook a holiday dinner—and measure the resulting spectrum of air and surface chemistry in an unprecedented initiative to identify the key causes of indoor air pollution.

Date Published: June 18, 2018

Publication: CIRES News

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Nation’s largest, most comprehensive indoor chemistry study now underway

“HOMEChem is a deep, multifaceted field study into how indoor chemical compounds may interact and transform throughout a normal day of activities like cooking, cleaning and even during family gatherings” says Marina Vance, PhD, principal investigator.

Date Published: June 12, 2018

Publication: EurekAlert!

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Nation’s Largest-Ever Indoor Air Quality Experiment Coming to ‘UTest House’

The study has obvious implications for the indoor air quality research community, but its findings could also have implications for other fields, such as medicine.

Date Published: June 7, 2018

Publication: UT News

Author: Johnny Holden

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